If you followed the first matches of the competition in Doha, you must have noticed the absence of girls in Doha.

Indeed, only a men's draw was proposed for this second edition of the Qatar Major. Nevertheless we thought in recent weeks that the players could appear on the circuit financed by Qatar Sports Investments. Indeed, Luigi Carraro, the president of the FIP, has always declared his desire to have the players sign a contract. And when Alejandra Salazar has said WPT let female players participate in Qatari tournament, we thought it was for this time. It is clear that we were wrong...

luigi carraro roland garros 2022
Luigi Carraro keeps expressing his desire to see the girls on Premier Padel

Do not panic, however, because according to an interview with Luigi Carraro made by our colleagues from Relief, the next should be the right one! Indeed, the Italian said: "The girls will be there at the next tournament of Premier Padel. […] If we had had a few more weeks, they would have started here in Qatar.” Words that go in the direction what Arnaud Di Pasquale said recently, he who absolutely wants the players to be present at Roland-Garros.

Fans padel women can therefore already rejoice, the best players in the world should be present during the Italy Major which will take place in Rome next July !

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