There will be no new semi-final for Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno, who withdraw from Madrid P1 in the quarter-finals because of a Stupa injury.

Wanting to go out on a Par 3 of Momo Gonzalez at 5/7 1/2 in the second set, the Argentinian tripped over one of the billboards and left feathers there.

Hit in both knees, the Argentinian ended up forfeiting two games later. While they had started the match quite badly, Momo and Sanyo found their colors, pocketing the first round somewhat against all odds.

Behind, the Spanish-Argentinian pair continued their momentum and led 2/1 30/0, before Stupa was injured.

Final victory 7/5 3/2 ab. for Gonzalez and Gutierrez, who will find the winners of the match between Chingotto/Paquito and Moyano/Gil.

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