Absent from the WPT Malaga Open because Stupa was not not sufficiently recovered from his injuries sustained during Premier Padel Madrid P1, the Superpibes will be there at Mendoza.

Martin Di Nenno has it confirmed on Instagram, he and his partner are ready to make a comeback. Tomorrow, in Mendoza, they will start in this Premier Padel P1 as the number 2 seed against their compatriots Francisco Britos and Mauricio Rivero, who enjoy a wild-card.

This tournament promises to be particularly interesting since all the best pairs in the padel worldwide are present. In the right part of the table, where the Superpibes are, we find in particular Chingotto / Navarro, Ruiz / Tello and Sanz / Nieto. On the other side it's not bad either with Coello/Tapia, Lebron/Galan, Sanyo/Momo, Bela/Yanguas, Capra/Sanchez...

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