After more than eight months away from the field, Argentina Julieta Bidahorria is preparing to make his comeback on the circuit, alongsideAlix Collombon, at P1 in Acapulco, in two weeks.

As you can see, the list of players present in Mexico has just been released. And if among the best pairs, there is no changes to note, whether among men or women, we will still note the return of Julieta Bidahorria, injured since July 2023 in the knee.

We knew that his return was imminent and thatAlix Collombon was impatiently waiting for him. The latter had to start the season with two other players (amanda girdo in Riyadh and Jessica Ginier in Doha). From now on, she will finally be able to evolve alongside her partner of the season.

We also suspect that this tournament will be a test for Julieta Bidahorria, who underwent ligament reconstruction of her right knee last year. Argentina will certainly need a little time before they are 100%. As seen with Barbara Las Heras, affected by a similar injury, it is never easy to return to the field after a long absence...

We will therefore have a French player in the main draw in Acapulco, but also a French player in qualifying since Carla Toully is listed alongside Margarida Fernandes. There could be a second French woman in these previous, since Melissa Martin and her partner Bruna Albuquerque Melo, are 3rd on the waiting list.

On the gentlemen's side, 5 French will attack the qualifications: Thomas Leygue, Maxime Moreau, Johan Bergeron, Dylan Guichard and Bastien Blanqué.

On the tournament waiting list, 7 other French hope to be able to enter the qualifying table: Julien Seurin, Manu Vives, Nallé Grinda, Thomas Vanbauce, Dorian De Meyer, Philémon Raichman and Maxime Joris.

Gwenaelle Souyri

It was his brother who one day told him to accompany him on a track. padel, since then, Gwenaëlle has never left the court. Except when it comes to going to watch the broadcast of Padel Magazine, World Padel Tour… or Premier Padel…or the French Championships. In short, she is a fan of this sport.