Alex Ruiz and Momo Gonzalez will not have managed to create two exploits in a row at the Premier Padel Qatar Major 2023. The executioners of the world numbers 1 in the quarter-finals lost to Fernando Belasteguin and Sanyo Gutiérrez in the semi-finals in a “remake” of the decisive match of the 2022 World Championships.

After a first set won by the Argentinians, Bela thought the job could be finished quickly. But it is clear that the player from Pehuajo was totally wrong. Indeed, “Los Malagueños”, who certainly still have in mind the defeat that prevented them from being World Champions in Dubai, were impeccable in this second leg which they won 6/1.

Behind, the game has become very balanced again, with a real showdown that has taken place, and which has seen all the experiences of the Argentines make the difference at the best time. Indeed, as you can see below, the stats will have been very balanced and it was the management of the important points that allowed version 2.0 of the Sanyo/Bela duo to qualify for their first final.

A 100% Argentinian final which will take place this Sunday at 16:30 p.m. French time between World Champions 2022 and which promises to be exceptional. Indeed, we will certainly be entitled to a lot of spectacle in this meeting which opposes two pairs with big minds, capable of fighting on all the balls. On paper, small advantage to Di Nenno and Stupa who have won the only clash between the two pairs to date (in the quarter-finals at the WPT Abu Dhabi Master). But we can be sure that Belasteguin and Gutiérrez will not want to waste this opportunity to afford a new title and to inflate their prize list a little more.

So in your opinion, will the ardor of the “Superpibes” once again be superior to the minds of the legendary Bela and Sanyo?

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