As the players celebrate the new year, all eyes are already on the next season, which promises to be explosive given the calendar revealed by Premier Padel.

Lebron / Galan pair number 1

If Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia were the most prolific players in 2023, it is Juan Lebron and Ale Galan who will start 2024 at the top of the table. FIP ranking, the ranking taking only three tournaments from World Padel Tour 2023 counting.

If the start of the new exercise resembles the end of the previous one, three pairs will dominate the debates: the two mentioned above and Di Nenno / Stupaczuk. THE super kids, who will have made Coello / Tapia tremble almost until the end, are not not very happy to start in third place and will want to prove that they deserve better. It therefore looks very hot between these three pairs who currently have a certain lead over the competition, and it is difficult to say which of the three will be the most prolific. And behind them, the hierarchy is not established either…

Last year, Navarro and Chingotto established themselves as the fourth pair, but the Andalusian and the Argentinian will no longer team up in 2024. Paquito will evolve with Sanyo and reform a duo which had worked very well in 2016 and which will start the year in fourth position. But eight years later, can the two men who will respectively celebrate their 35th and 40th birthdays this year be as effective?

Behind them we find another new pair, Gonzalez / Chingotto. A duo which will undoubtedly be very solid but which perhaps lacks a little firepower to compete with the very best. A firepower that is not lacking in Ruiz / Tello, a pair that has not really found the key in 2023. Will it finally be able to express itself fully in 2024?

At almost 45 years old, and for his last season, Bela wants to take advantage of his new association with Capra to return to the top. What level can we expect from the Argentine pair?

If Bergamini and Ruiz, due to their good results over the last two seasons on the Premier Padel will start the year in the Top 8, they will have to pay close attention to two young duos not lacking in talent: Nieto / Sanz and Garrido / Yanguas. If we know what to expect from the first – who, given the level displayed last year, can clearly apply for fourth place – we hope a lot from the second, who on paper could not be more formidable!

The Top 10 to start 2024 for men

  1. Lebron / Galan – 22 points
  2. Coello / Tapia – 20 points
  3. Di Nenno / Stupaczuk – 18 points
  4. Navarro/Gutierrez – 12 points
  5. Gonzalez/Chingotto – 11 points
  6. Belasteguin / Capra – 10 points
  7. Tello / Ruiz – 8 points
  8. Bergamini/Ruiz – 5 points
  9. Nieto/Sanz – 5 points
  10. Garrido / Yanguas – 5 points

A big lead for the Top 3 among the ladies

As with the men, we notice that the Top 3 has a considerable lead over the rest of the pairs. Moreover, it is no coincidence that the pursuers have all decided to separate. The fight for fourth place will therefore normally be between the new duos Araujo / Riera and Salazar / Icardo. Behind it, it's difficult to know at the moment since the Castello / Osoro and Jensen / Virseda duos are no longer relevant. But in all likelihood, Castello and Jensen, who started 2023 very well, should return together while Virseda and Osoro should form a completely new duo. These two hypothetical pairs should be best equipped to challenge the current hierarchy.

Logically, we should find these seven duos at the forefront, and there will be a big battle for eighth place with the retirement of the Alayeto twins. A battle in which Alix Collombon and Lorena Rufo should be able to take part.

This therefore promises to be very interesting at more or less all levels, and even in the Top 3, since after a start to the season of total domination, Sanchez and Josemaria saw Brea and Gonzalez assert themselves as very serious competitors. Martita Ortega and Gemma Triay, who have shown some very good things intermittently, will want to prove that they can fight for first place!

The Top 5 to start 2024 for the ladies

  1. Josemaria/Sanchez – 25 points
  2. Gonzalez/Brea – 17 points
  3. Ortega / Triay – 17 points
  4. Salazar/Icardo – 10 points
  5. Araujo / Riera – 8 points

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