The outsiders are in great shape at the start of the season! Indeed, the second round of Premier Padel Riyadh P1 has already seen several Top 16 pairs leave.

An eventful morning this Tuesday!

After the very big surprise this morning, the elimination of Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutiérrez (TS4), beaten by Esbri / Rico, we saw several of the sixteen pre-classified pairs take the door as soon as they entered the competition in Saudi Arabia among the men. The proof below:

  • Defeat of Gil / Moyano (12) against Zapata / Goenaga: 6/2 3/6 5/7
  • Defeat of Leal / Diestro (15) against Oria / Sager (Q): 6/7 7/6 5/7
  • Defeat of Belluati / Fernandez (16) against Perino / Chozas: 2/6 1/6

Even the winning pairs have to fight, like Coello and Tapia (TS2) jostled in the first set by Cardona / Ruiz (final score 7/6 6/1) or Arroyo and Alonso (14), who had to work against Bautista / Muñoz (final score 4/6 7/6 6/2).

It’s hot in Riyadh!

Among the girls, if for the moment the favorites are holding up, some are nevertheless suffering like Icardo / Salazar yesterday or Ortega / Triay this afternoon.

It must be said that the playing conditions of this Premier Padel Riyadh P1 tend to level the gaps. We're outside, it's hot, it's windy, the players have the sun in their eyes... Moreover, if the first sixteen pairs are making their debut today among the men, the others have already had at least one match in the legs. They have therefore already been able to take stock of the conditions, build up a little confidence and unlock themselves. Not insignificant when we know that this tournament is for many the very first of 2024!

As you have understood, we are dealing with a context which favors surprises. Will we have any more this Tuesday? Answer below!

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