The last French hopes in Riyadh faded this afternoon, after the elimination, in quick succession, of Maxime Moreau, Johan Bergeron et Thomas Leygue. The three tricolors were the last chances to have a French player in the men's final draw.

Max Moreau and Jo Bergeron, wasted opportunities

some regrets, all the same, for Maxime Moreau et Johan Bergeron at the end of this meeting. Although the two French lost 7/5 6/2, there were opportunities to be seized in the first set. Indeed, the Bergeron/Moreau pair led 4/1 on the notice board.

Unfortunately, the Solbes/Marti (TS8) pair still had reservations. The Spaniards make the break and come back to score. In the money time of this first round, advantage for the 8th seed, 7/5.

In good shape, the Spanish tandem surfs on the victory of the first round to take the lead in the second set and secure their place in the final draw. Time "to analyze our mistakes” for Maxime and Johan. Expiration : the Qatar Major next week.

Thomas Leygue will not have been more lucky

Like Max Moreau and Johan Bergeron, Thomas Leygue et Ferran Insa may have some regrets at the end of this meeting. Like his compatriots, Thomas Leygue and his partner had the break in the first round.

Facing them, seed 2 Sager/Oria was keen to honor his rank, and above all, to enter the final draw of the tournament.

Defeat 4/6 2/6 for the French number 1.

There will therefore be no French in the men's final draw. On the other hand, all eyes will be on the French number 1, Alix Collombon, who will enter the track this Monday, February 26, in the third rotation of the morning!

Gwenaelle Souyri

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