The "market"Of Premier Padel will have marked the end of December and the beginning of January. We take stock of the new pairs that have been formed.


Among the men, despite some rumors of separation, the Top 3 pairs have decided to focus on continuity. So we will normally have a new very high level battle between Lebron / Galan, Coello / Tapia, and Stupaczuk / Di Nenno.

Behind, however, there was a change, since pairs 4, 5 and 6 were formed during this offseason. Sanyo and Paquito reform a duo that had particularly worked a few years ago, Momo and Chingotto join forces to create a duo that will be very difficult to overwhelm, and Bela is delighted to once again team up with a left-hander: Lucho Capra.

We will follow with great attention the new ultra-talented 100% Andalusian pair: Garrido / Yanguas.

Behind, several new pairs were created to try to get closer to the Top 16: Sanchez / Rubio, Gutiérrez / Campagnolo, Belluati / Fernandez…


On the women's side, it's more or less the same thing, since the Top 3 remains the same and the pursuers have decided to make changes. In the Top 8, two pairs reform, Araujo / Riera and Jensen / Castello, and two duos are created, Salazar / Icardo and Osoro / Virseda.

Castello Jensen 2024 new pair

In the Top 30, we also report several changes, with pairs who want to try to take advantage of the retirement of the Alayeto twins to get closer to the Top 16. We will have: Fernandez / Rufo, Iglesias / Las Heras, Bidahorria / Collombon…

In your opinion, which of the recently formed pairs will be the most prolific in 2024?

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