We know it is crucial for top players to finish in the Top 16 of the ranking in order to be able to participate in the Master Final. Indeed, this end-of-season tournament rewards the best athletes of the year and many people dream of being able to take part in the celebration.

Among women, a big opportunity is being created with the announced retirement of the Alayeto twins. These two players, accustomed to being among the sixteen best, will no longer be there next season and so a place opens up for all those who were their pursuers until now!

If the current top seven pairs already seem to be a step ahead of the competition, we say that the battle for eighth place should be thrilling. Not to mention that Lucia Sainz and Patty Llaguno, who should start 2024 in eighth place among the pairs (if they continue together, nothing having yet been made official), are far from their best years...

In this context, we say to ourselves that there could be room for new duos. Lorena Rufo and Claudia Fernandez for example, who have just announced their collaboration for this year. Andrea Ustero and Alejandro Alonso, although still very young, have shown this season that they have all the talent to get closer to the best. Will they be able to do it this year?

We also say that for the first time we could have an Italian or French player in this Master Final since Carolina Orsi and Alix Collombon, who have not yet announced the names of their partners for this season, are a few places away from this famous sixteenth position. Victoria Iglesias, who will soon celebrate her 30th birthday, wants to play the leading roles again. Like Orsi and Collombon, the Sevillana has not yet announced the name of her partner for 2024 but she is undoubtedly one of the players who could climb into the Top 16.

You have understood, the fight promises to be thrilling!

The seven pairs who will start 2024 at the top of the ranking :

  1. Josemaria / Sanchez
  2. Gonzalez/Brea
  3. Ortega / Triay
  4. Salazar/Icardo
  5. Araujo / Riera
  6. Castello / Jensen
  7. Virseda / Osoro

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