For its new collection of palas, Wilson centered the new Bela V2.5 models around the last season of Fernando Belasteguin.

Wilson accompanies Bela until the end

This project focuses on three racket models designed for players looking for a balance between attack and defense, with a large sweet spot and foam allowing explosiveness in every ball strike.

This range is stylized on the theme of Fernando Belasteguin's last stand: the Boss' signature on the face and a significant detail on the strap cord, " A Belasteguín nunca gets rinsed ", resulting in "A Belasteguín never gives up".

Bela Pro V2.5

Wilson Bela Pro V2.5

If you want to play with the same racket as Fernando Belasteguin, this is the Wilson Bela Pro V2.5 you need. Explosive, the pala features cutting-edge technologies that make it controllable, comfortable and offer excellent consistency in the game.

Its frame is made of Primero Carbon and EVA foam. This combo gives great rigidity to the pala which allows it to mix power and precision, while being very maneuverable.

Bela Elite V2.5

Wilson Bela Elite V2.5

As Wilson's objective with this collection is to appeal to all players, the other two models will correspond to slightly different playing styles. The first, the Bela Elite V2.5, presents some modifications compared to the previous one. Similar in its red design, the Elite version is made of woven carbon fibers superimposed on an EVA Soft foam core.

With this composition, you will find increased control in the power that characterizes it. Its explosiveness is also accompanied by better forgiveness thanks to a wider sweet spot. A model which can therefore be mastered without being an expert or a professional.

Bela LT V2.5

Wilson Bela LT V2.5

The Wilson Bela LT V2.5 is characterized by its flexibility. The white colored pala is also an alloy of carbon fiber and EVA Soft foam. This racket further accentuates this feeling of lightness and maneuverability.

The Wilson brand particularly highlights this model for its revolutionary appearance. In the game, this LT version offers more damped power for maximum comfort and great playability.

Discover the entire Bela V2.5 range on the website Wilson.

Martin Schmuda

A competitive tennis player, Martin discovered the padel in 2015 in Alsace and appeared in a few tournaments in Paris. Today a journalist, he deals with current affairs padel while continuing its rise in the world of the little yellow ball!