The Pro Padel League (PPL), American league padel promises a very big show in 2024! Indeed, after the Flowrida Goats by Daddy Yankee, who gave a glimpse of a high-class team, these are the New York Atlantics which reveal the five basic players of their squad.

And here again, it's a dream casting that promises to be made with the newly retired Juan Martin Diaz, the World Champion Fede Chingotto and the Brazilian Lucas Campagnolo. Among the girls, it is neither more nor less than the current fifth pair in the world who joins the New York team: Icardo / Riera.

You have understood, it is quite simply the gratin of padel world who will travel to the United States in 2024 to compete in this competition which promises to be very enticing!

Note that each team will be made up of eight players, so there will be a draft at the start of the season so that each franchise can reach this number.

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