While the qualifications of the Premier Padel Puerto Cabello P2, the official FIP circuit has revealed the main draws of the competition.

A massacre in the Top 40

At the gentlemen, we notice that many Top 40 players have decided to skip: Fernando Belasteguin, Juan Tello, Alex Ruiz, Lucho Capra, Agustin Gutierrez, Xisco Gil, Ramiro Moyano, Pincho Fernandez, Juan Cruz Belluati, Javi Leal, José Diestro, Juanlu Esbri, Javi Rico, Ignacio Sager… Are the various separations enough to explain all these changes or should we expect to see players often skipping out when P2s take place far from their place of residence?

Although the general level of the competition will obviously be lower than that of previous tournaments, there are still many reasons to follow this Venezuelan tournament. First, the new pair Chingotto / Galan, who begins their tournament against Rafa Mendez and Javi Valdés, and who could find Paquito and Sanyo in the quarter-final. The former number 1s will play their last tournament together and will therefore certainly be keen to finish in style. If logic is respected in the previous rounds, we should be treated to some great opposition!

We will also follow the first and last tournament of the Lebron / Gonzalez duo, which begins against qualifiers.

The shock of the first round is undoubtedly the match between Nieto / Sanz (Ts7) and Cardona / Ruiz!

The number 1s absent…

At the girls, we notice a trend somewhat similar to that which we can observe in men. First, the numbers 1 Josemaria and Sanchez will be absent, as will Barbara Las Heras and Victoria Iglesias, but also several Top 40 players: Carolina Navarro, Marina Guinart, Andrea Ustero, Alejandra Alonso, Carla Mesa, Esther Carnicero, Ksenia Sharifova , Teresa Navarro…

Here again, it will firstly be an opportunity for players who are usually found in previas to shine. Then, among the favorites, it is an opportunity for Delfi Brea and Bea Gonzalez to return to the forefront, or for the surprising pairs of Acapulco, Castello / Jensen and Araujo / Riera, to confirm their good form!

On the French side, Alix Collombon and Julieta Bidahorria will be able to try to gain confidence against a qualified pair. Carla Touly and Margarida Fernandes, who usually start in previas, were also spoiled in the draw since they will also start against a pair from qualifying. A pair that could also include a French girl…

This Monday we will follow the end of notice, the first round matches will begin on Tuesday.

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