Thomas Leygue and Fran Ramirez Navas, who form the 4th seed of the previous du Premier Padel Puerto Cabello P2, did not shake yesterday in Venezuela.

Opposed to a Colombian and a Venezuelan for their entry into the running in this first P2 in history, the Frenchman and his partner did the job with a 6/1 6/1 victory which sends them to the last round of qualifying.

This Monday, it is against another pair having crushed a local duo in the previous round (6/1 6/0), Aitor Garcia / Henrique Barbosa (Ts8), that the Franco-Spanish pair will try to qualify for the table main part of the competition. The meeting will take place at the end of the day in Venezuela, therefore at the start of the night in France (5 hours difference).

Thomas Leygue is now the last French representative in the men's side, Blanqué and Guichard having lost last night against Ortega / Piotto (TS3) with a score of 7/6 6/1.

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