Carla Toully, associated with Margarida Fernandes, was the first French woman to enter the track from Puerto Cabello, Venezuela today. Under oppressive heat, the Touly/Fernandes pair could not do much against young Noa Canovas and Jimena Velasco. The Franco-Portuguese duo lost in two sets, 6 / 2 6 / 1.

The playing conditions were very complicated for both teams in Puerto Cabello, with very high temperatures and blazing sun. The tournament organization has also authorized players to take refreshment breaks between two games to avoid sunstroke. That didn't stop Jimena Velasco from calling the doctor because of the heat.

As for the match, Carla Touly and Margarida Fernandes were unfortunately unable to get rid of the Spanish pair Velasco/Canovas. Too many inaccuracies in the game, with many mistakes, often caused by very precise and aggressive play by the young Spanish players.

Canovas Velasco Puerto Cabello

In the second set, the exchanges were tighter but almost every time turned to the advantage of the Spanish pair. Although Carla and Margarida were combative, this was not enough to make Canovas/Velasco fold. The heat not having helped much, Carla Touly regularly taking refuge under her towel during the side changes to find a little freshness.

In the end, the score is clear. Jimena Velasco and Noa Canovas meet for the quarterfinals of the tournament. They will meet Gemma Triay et Claudia fernandez, who benefited from the abandonment of Marina Lobo and Carolina Orsi. The latter was unable to play for health reasons.

The rest of the day continues and can be followed on the Youtube channel of Premier Padel.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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