Many companies in the construction of padel courts are arriving in France recently. To manage this influx of companies, most often from Spain, 2 labels have been put in place: The Quality Plan Padel (PQP) set up by the French Tennis Federation and the Qualisport label Padel.

Are labels mandatory?

The labels aim to frame the companies towards a minimum standard of construction of padel fields. These labels help to reassure the project owners and especially municipalities that do not necessarily have sufficient knowledge in the padel to be able to choose.

In the private sector, having a label is a plus, but we observe that this is not necessarily what will make the private choose a company with a label rather than a company without. Project owners in the private sector are often more technical and more aware of what is a good padel pitch. They thus allow themselves not to necessarily follow the recommendations of the various labels.

Private paddle clubs until today have not necessarily followed these labels. On the other hand, in terms of public tenders, municipalities have a strong tendency to check that companies have one of these labels.

The Quality Plan Padel : The FFT label

The Quality Plan Padel (PQP) is a label set up by the French Tennis Federation. The PQP aims to standardize the construction of a padel court.

The French Tennis Federation recommends to the clubs that the companies which win the market or who realize the padel pitch are:

  • PQP® referenced (Quality Plan Padel®)
  • Qualisport or qualified for the designated area

The Quality Plan Padel® must also guarantee that the subcontractor who will be in charge of the sports floor is referenced PQP® (Quality Plan Padel®) or Qualisport qualified.é-Padel-®.pdf

The Qualisport label

The label Qualisport norm la "Complete construction of padel pitch, or construction of existing padel tennis court."


The label Qualisport is also in the specifications of the FFT. The FFT advises either the PQP or the Qualisport label.é-Padel-®.pdf

PQP or Qualisport?

First, there is no obligation to obtain a label. These labels are intended to advise and not to oblige. Some companies have proven their seriousness and for many reasons have not wished "to obtain a French label that is unique to France"

So getting one of these labels is enough. Having both is perhaps a small commercial advantage, but in fact, the municipalities only ask for one of these two labels. And the FFT also indicates it in its specifications.

Tips for choosing your padel yard builder

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.