Urban P2000 semi-finalistPadel Carquefou, Quentin Ayuso got on Mario Cordero’s microphone. He notably talks about his new pairing with Loïc Le Panse.

Absent throughout the end of 2024

“We are neighbors so that made things a little easier. I'm going to go on a trip for three months at the end of the year but that's not a problem for Loïc who told me that as long as we could do the French Championships together or that he was informed sufficiently in advance of my absence. We try to do as many tournaments together as possible, we get along really well, we’ve known each other for four or five years now so it’s cool.”

“Loïc needed a change and the geographical proximity made it logical to partner with us. Even if he is very busy with his center, we can still organize small games together so that’s good.”

Le Panse Ayuso P2000 Carquefou 2024

The 2024 program

“We are doing the French Interclub N1 Championships with Sète, we are going to try to do better than seventh place this year. Afterwards I go to Reunion for three weeks while there are three P1000s in the area (Cap d'Agde, Le Barcarès and Carcassonne)... When I come back, Loïc is going skiing, so I'm going to do the P1500 in Jarville with Timéo Fonteny. And then there will be the Set Padel in Narbonne, the P1500 in Sète, and the tournaments this summer that we will do together.”

For those who would like to see the video in its entirety:

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