Who does not know Juan lebron, this Spanish player we love to hate on the track? This player who is 29 years old has already marked the history of padel for ever.

Juan LeBron is a player who can also play well right than left. He is known for his exceptional physique, his smashes which have earned him “a few” wolf cries and his character more than strong on the field. A look back at the extraordinary – and far from over – career of Juan LeBron.

The beginning…

Juan LeBron was born a 30th January 1995 in El Puerto de Santa Maria, not far from Cádiz. At the time, no one imagined that he would one day become one of the greatest players in padel all time.

His love for padel starts whenhe is just 7 years old. The little boy simply wants to imitate his father, who is playing with friends. It was love at first sight and, at that moment, a true love for this sport was born. From the infantile categories, the young wolf shows his talent to Spain, winning several major local and then national tournaments.

At 17 years, a difficult choice presents itself to him: move to Madrid to be able to train if he wants to hope to reach the summits. What he does. Two years later, in 2014. , when he was only 19 years old, Juan LeBron debuts on the professional circuit.

The ascent…

Little by little, Juan LeBron is making his nest on the circuit of World Padel Tour. He connects teammates and we find him in particular alongside Gabi Reca or Marcello Jardim. In 2017, he reached 19th place in the ranking. His first notable exploit was in 2018, when he played with Juan Cruz Belluati. The duo overthrows the gladiators of the circuit against all odds, Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima. It was at this precise moment that the Andalusian began to make himself known.

In 2019, he starts the year with a brand new partner: Paquito Navarro. The two men got along so well that at the end of the year, they finished on the top step of the podium. and mark history of their sport. Indeed, Juan LeBron and Paquito Navarro become the first Spaniards in history to be world number 1 together.

Paquito Navarro Juan Lebron 2019

It is on this very good note that Paquito and Juan decide to separate. El Lobo therefore turns to a new teammate… Alejandro galan.

The climax...

Alongside Alejandro Galan, Juan LeBron hits all the peaks. From their first season side by side, in a year marked by the pandemic, El Lobo et El Galantico win 6 of 11 WPT tournaments. They offer themselves, in passing, the place of world number 1 together.

Three years of supremacy on the circuit followed. The Lebron/Galan pair becomes the ogre of World Padel Tour and later, Premier Padel. Together, Juan and Ale will reinvent the padel, making it much faster and more aggressive.


Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan are: 27 tracks on the World Padel Tour et 6 trophies on the circuit Premier Padel, including one in 2024.

However, after several concerns in 2023 – and the injury of Juan LeBron – the emblematic pair decides to separate, from the second tournament of the year 2024, after yet another controversy.

The controversies…

Juan LeBron is a player known for his temperament on the track. The Andalusian is far from calm and he can tend to get angry quickly... against his opponents but also his teammate. This notably resulted in some scenes of great tension between him and Alejandro Galan. We remember in particular the NewGiza P1 where Lebron's behavior towards his teammate had caused the Madrilenian to explode, who had left the court.

We also remember the history of Chile with an arbitration decision which could have cost the Coello/Tapia pair dearly. A huge controversy had swelled around this final, so much so that Lebron and Galan apologized on social networks.

The last one wasn't long ago. Last week, during the Lebron/Galan match against Yanguas/Garrido, a gesture of humor almost disqualified Juan LeBron and, consequently, Alejandro Galan. A new controversy, one too many, costing the end of the Galan/Lebron pair.

Despite all that, Juan LeBron, whether we like him or not, remains and will remain a monument of padel World. The team player Babolat wrote the history of this sport despite his character and despite the difficulties he may have encountered in recent months.

Today, we should in all likelihood attend a return of the pair Paquito Navarro / Juan Lebron…Will the second stage of the 100% Andalusian duo be as prolific as the first?

Gwenaelle Souyri

It was his brother who one day told him to accompany him on a track. padel, since then, Gwenaëlle has never left the court. Except when it comes to going to watch the broadcast of Padel Magazine, World Padel Tour… or Premier Padel…or the French Championships. In short, she is a fan of this sport.