As you certainly know, after a short break, the Premier Padel will make his return Belgium next week. And as always during official FIP circuit events, we find French players among those registered.

Male side, only Thomas Leygue is guaranteed to be able to participate in the competition. The Aixois will start in qualifying, where he will form the 23rd pair with the Spaniard Fran Ramirez Navas.

The other French players who have validated their registration will have to hope for packages. Indeed, we find the pairs Guichard / Scatena and Seurin / Maigret respectively in 3rd and 11th position on the waiting list.

Feminine side, we will follow as always Alix Collombon, who forms the 14th pair of the tournament with Argentina Julieta Bidahaorria and will therefore start in the main draw.

As with the gentlemen, there are several French women on the waiting list:

  • Carla Touly and Jessica Ginier-Barbier, in eighth position
  • Elodie Invernon and the Dutch Van Der Hoek in eleventh position
  • Fiona Ligi and Charlotte Soubrié in eighteenth position
  • And finally Mélanie Ros and the Belgian Marie Maligo in twentieth position

You have understood, unless the situation changes, only two French people should set foot on the slopes of this Lotto Brussels P2…

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