The Setteo Team Cup is the new circuit based on a very simple idea: Proposes team matches to French clubs. To know everything about the Setteo Team Cup rules: HERE or hereafter

(It is very important to be aware of these rules on the part of the clubs, because a team may be disqualified if they have not respected one of the articles provided for this competition. information concerning a point stated below, he can contact the head of the competition either by phone or by mail)

The competition

- The teams will be divided by group of 4. Each team will have 3 meetings to play in order to have the opportunity to play a possible barrage.

- Clubs with short cutlery will be more likely to receive 2 once. This in order to avoid as much as possible the meetings reported.

- Clubs can register as many teams as they have shorts. For clubs that have 1 only short, you will have the opportunity to enter 2 maximum teams (In this case, teams will each play 2 outside).

- A team consists of 4 players and 2 players minimum. Only players registered on the team will be able to take part in the matches. In this sense, we strongly advise you to register players and substitute players to overcome unavailability that would penalize the entire team.

- In case of injury (with medical certificate in support), the team can take a last minute reinforcement.

- A player does not have to be licensed to the club in order to join a team.

- A player can only be registered in one team. If the club presents 2 teams, it will not be able to play in the 1 then in the 2 or conversely under penalty of disqualification.

- The ranking of the pool is based on the number of matches won. If 2 teams have won the same number of games, the difference will be on the average and then the set average and finally on the average game if necessary.

- 1ers of hens will automatically qualify for a dam before reaching the final stages. Depending on the number of teams entered, a second dam may be set up. The best 2ème may be drafted to compete in these dams.

The dates of the hen matches

- 1th day: 9 April 2017

In case of postponement, the weekend of the 29 / 30 April will be made available

- 2th day: 16 April 2017

- 3th day: 23 April 2017

The dates of the play-offs

- For the play-offs, the clubs will have to agree on the date. A single imperative: 1er turn of dam will have to be disputed before the 6 June / In case of 2th turn, it will have to be played before the 25 June.

- The club that registers a team agrees to make available at least 1 field so that it can accommodate 1 or 2 meetings.

- The entry fee per team is 90 €. For clubs that have the Setteo Premium license, registration of the 1ère team is offered.

Online registration

- Registration is only done on the site

- Before registering, the team leader must ensure that his club agrees to participate in the Setteo Team Cup.

- Once the link is open, simply follow the instructions in the registration guide by App or by Web:

  • App Link:
  • Web link:

- The payment of the registration is done only online by credit card or via a Paypal account.

- Registrations start on 03 January 2017 and end on 28 February 2017.

- You will be able to manage your team and add players until the closing of the registrations.

The course of the meeting

- The meetings are scheduled on Sunday. For the comfort of all and especially moving teams, the 1er match will only start from 11 hours.

- The 2 teams may be able to arrange to play on Saturday or shift the time of the match if they wish. In case of disagreement, the meeting is held on Sunday at 11h.

- The composition of the 2 teams will have to be presented by the respective captains. Substitutes must also be indicated on the sheet. The composition of the teams is done in 2 time:

  • 1er time: The 2 Men's teams as well as the Women's team
  • 2th time: the 2 Mixed teams which will be revealed after the 3 first matches

- Each player must present a valid medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of sport in competition to the opposing captain. In the absence of certificate, the player will not be able to take part in the meeting.

- The mixed will have to be played even if there is 3 / 0 at the end of the first 3 matches.

- At the end of the match, the 2 captains will have to sign the online match sheet in order to validate the result definitively (You will receive a tutorial to manage the online meeting).

The games

- Matches take place in 2 winning sets of 6 games (tie break at 6 / 6) and super tiebreak in 10 points at 3th set.

- No No Ad. For a timing problem and only if the 2 teams agree, it will be possible to install the No Ad on toute the encounter.

- In case of abandonment of a player, it will not be possible for him / her to take part in mixed doubles

- A player who injures himself during the warm-up, may be replaced. If the match started, this abandonment would correspond to a defeat of the pair in question.

- If a team can not play the mixed doubles (double ladies injury, no substitute), the point will automatically go to the other team.

- captain as well as co-captain, can give advice to their team during side changes only.

Enter the results

- Once the compositions are unveiled, they must be transcribed in Setteo. For this it is enough for the captain to click on the current match and to enter the matches that will take place.

- At the end of each match, the captain must return the final score.

- The scores of each match must be returned by one or the other of the captains, however the match sheet must be signed by the two captains to close the meeting.

- The ranking of the pool will automatically update when the match is closed.

- In the event of contestation of one of the two teams, it is necessary to refer to the person in charge of the competition in the 5 days which follow the meeting. If the deadline is exceeded, the result indicated on the score sheet will be definitively validated.


There is no specific rule regarding the reception of opposing teams and the behavior to be adopted on the spot. However and to make this competition as pleasant as possible we advise you to set up the following things during a meeting:

- The receiving team can provide some hot drinks in the morning for the opposing team

- If the player does not play the mixed doubles game, it is best if he can stay to encourage his partners (team spirit first and foremost)

- It is important to always respect the facilities of the club in which you are traveling. Sanctions may be imposed in case of non-compliance with this rule.

- The traveling team will probably not have anything to eat. The receiving team will be able to provide a meal or a snack for the players and players of 2 teams.

- At the end of each match, the winners will be able to offer a drink to the losing team.

- The visiting team can help with the storage of the meal table.

- Players will be able to join Setteo as a friend to expand their community and why not replay together in a future game

In spite of the competition, do not forget that the objective is to go before all a great moment either for the players or for the clubs. That's why we practice this sport and that's why we want to practice it as a team.

The final phase

- The final phase will take place in a TMC format from 13 to 15 October 2017 in Barcelona. All teams must be present on site from Friday 13 Hours to perform their 1 meetings.

- The best teams will compete on the same format as in the group stage and the play-offs. 5 Matches: 2 Double Men / 2 Mixed Doubles / 1 Double Women.

- An envelope will be allocated to each team to cover travel expenses. On the spot, the teams will have no expenses (Personal Expenditure excluded ...). The hotel, breakfast, meals and dinners will be fully supported by Setteo.

- The winning team of the 1th edition will be awarded a direct Wild Card for the finals of the following year.

- The trophy will return to the club of the winning team.


Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.