In Alsace, the padel is becoming a real phenomenon. The Reichstett Tennis Club believes so much that it has put 2 paddle courts in the hope of doing even more ...

In spite of a rather complicated time, Henri Leconte and the French 1 number of padel Robin Haziza passed between the drops to make the show. About 500 people were present to discover the padel. The organization was just perfect and allowed everyone to enjoy.

The FFT is more and more present.

A little earlier in the morning, the Vice President of the French Tennis Federation Jean-Pierre Dartevelle came for the inauguration of two padel courts at the Reichstett Tennis Club, the first tennis club to embark on the adventure padel in the Alsatian region.

The Vice President once again explained the potential of this sport in France and that he had everything to succeed.

Lionel Mangold, secretary general of the Alsace tennis league, is categorical: “ we observe in our league a very important emulation around the padel and this club is only the first of a long list certainly ».

Lionel Mangold goes on to explain that padel projects will be ready by the beginning of September for Strasbourg and Mulhouse. The friends of Montbéliard will be able to do more than one hour of trip to play padel on Strasbourg or in Switzerland.

Regional phases in Reichstett

This year, the Alsace league will offer the regional championships of the French championships in Padel Reichstett Club June 4 and 5. It would also seem according to the secretary general of the Alsace league that interregional phases also take place in the same club. These phases will probably depend on the number of leagues participating in the French championships of padel.

Already licensees!

Gilles Feist, President of TC Rechstett already announces a departure canon. Indeed, while the club has just launched its padel season, 23 members have licensed exclusively padel and 33 additional players who have a license for tennis and padel.

The goal is 50 licensed this year to allow the club to see further. Half of the way is already done especially for a cost for each member of 85 € / year to play unlimited padel club.

The Henri Leconte Padel Club clubs are growing ...

Thierry Bramer, the director of communication of the group is said first of all « honored to have been chosen by the club to build these superb grounds in the heart of the great east of France ».

Henri Leconte and Thierry Bramer also announced the launch of the first stage of the circuit Henri Leconte Padel Tour, the 11 and 12 June still at Padel Club Reichstett ».

Finally, Thierry Braemer explains to us that we must expect very strong news Henri Leconte Padel club in the coming months since other clubs are arriving at high speed: Bouc Bel Air, Puyricard, Mont de Marsan or Clermont-Ferrand ...

Months that promise to be hot!

Franck Binisti - PADEL MAGAZINE

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.