After a dream tournament last week, which saw them reach the semi-final of the World Padel Tour Abu Dhabi Master, Javi Ruiz and Gonzalo Rubio could not continue this week in Doha. The Andalusians, who had successively beaten Tello / Navarro in 1/8th then Cardona / Ramirez in the quarter, lost today as soon as they entered the competition against qualified Rafa Mendez and Javi Martinez (in photo above). The latter had beaten the French Max Moreau and his Italian partner in the previous round.

The latter win 7/5 3/6 6/2, after 2:10 of a match marked by some surprising statistics. Mendez and Martinez only had four break points to defend, but they lost them all; conversely, they have taken their opponents' serve six times, but they need 18 chances to do so!

Suddenly, the losing team struggled a lot on its commitments, playing 110 points on its service, while the winners had only 77 face-offs to make.

In the round of 6, Mendez and Martinez will face 3-seeded Javi Garrido/Fede Chingotto, who won on retirement against Javi Rico and Jorge Ruiz Gutierrez when the score was 0/XNUMX.

Find the results of the day in Doha here.

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