We told you a little while ago: Sanyo Gutiérrez decided to partner with his nephew Agustin Gutiérrez. A choice necessarily a little questionable on a sporting level, but certainly not on an emotional level. We're trying to see things more clearly.

Today, Sanyo is in 14th place in the world rankings. World Padel Tour (and 12th in the FIP ranking). He remains a world-class player, as evidenced by his two finals this season, but no longer seems capable, over an entire season, of competing with the young stars of this sport. However, given his level and his ranking, he could easily aspire to share the track with a player who would allow him to still be in the Top 8 of pairs.

But the Argentinian, who perhaps feels the end of his career approaching, prefers to bet on his nephew, who is currently 40th in the WPT. Does “El Mago” have the feeling that Agustin, with whom he trains every day, needs a trigger to reveal the full extent of his potential or does he want to give a kind of gift to a player he has been nurturing for several years?

It's hard to say, and there's definitely a bit of both. Lately, the San Luis native has seemed a little down on the track and perhaps he needs a new challenge to motivate himself. What better way to do this than to try to help your protégé turn a corner and enjoy it as a family?

The two men, whose first joint experience, in Doha last season, was not a success, are already at work to try to make a move in Madrid in a week. As a number 10 pair, they won't have the protection that Sanyo has been accustomed to, but without too much pressure, they could already pull off a coup. Let's wait to see the tables of this WPT Master to see if they were lucky in the draw!

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