In an interview for Sports world, Argentine legend Sebastian Nerone spoke about the future of the padel. But he also touched on hot topics such as partner changes or the Coello / Tapia phenomenon.


Seba Nerone, retired for two seasons now (October 2021), is still serving the padel. A veritable Swiss army knife, he has since dabbled in everything and has done a retrospective of his activities since his retirement.

“I have several roles. I am best known for my work as a commentator and coach of the Alayeto twins. Besides, I have an academy in Padel City, Turin and I am still the sporting image of the Fuencarral club, Adidas Pádel, Philips. I do not get bored ! “

When asked what he prefers between commenting and training, his answer is clear: “They are different things, but at the same time complementary. The role of coach obliges me to analyze the players and, at the same time, the role of commentator imposes it on me.

Regarding the rivalry of the current two best female pairs, Salazar / Triay and Sánchez / Josemaría, he states that: “The games between them are never the same. If you like the padel, like me, and you analyze them a bit in depth, there are always changes. Yes, they are the same faces, but the matches are not alike at all.

And when Mundo Deportivo asks him if so many changes of partners are a normal thing and if he likes it, he replies: “Normally, yes, but not at the moment. Nowadays, respect for the partner has been lost, the concept of a pair. I think even the coaches should work with the players individually because it's going to become more professional and they're going to need a personal trainer. Open your mind and if everything goes well for you, great; and if not, you will change.”

About Tapia / Coello, he thinks "that today is a duo that presents a serious candidacy for the number 1 spot". And finally, to the question of the evolution of padel, he states that “Nobody saw the explosion coming. padel, but that's a good thing.”

Watch the full interview HERE.

Eleonore Coulibaly

What a pleasure to be a journalist in the middle of the padel, an attractive growing sport. I hope you enjoy the content offered. See you soon perhaps on the slopes!