Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán, one of the most emblematic and victorious duos of recent years, announced their separation. News that shook the community padel, given the successes that the Spanish pair shared on the pitch.

Juan Lebrón shared a moving message on his social networks, expressing his regret at this separation while respecting the decision of his now ex-partner, Alejandro Galán. Lebrón’s post, charged with emotion, retraces the highlights of their four-year collaboration.” We started as two boys and we achieved all our goals,” Lebrón wrote, emphasizing the depth of their bond both personally and professionally.

This decision seems to have been precipitated by their unexpected defeat in Qatar against the Garrido / Yanguas pair, a match during which Lebrón appeared particularly tense. This tension may have been the final straw that made Galán consider their separation. Lebrón's behavior during the match could have annoyed Galán, leading to a "hot" decision to end their partnership.

Post separation Lebron

The repercussions of this separation will be felt in future tournaments, as everyone seeks to reinvent themselves with new partners. The community of padel looks forward to seeing how Lebrón and Galán evolve. And if this separation will mark the start of a new era for each of the players?

Dorian Massy

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