If you are a fan of snowshoes padel, you certainly know the emblematic Diablo range, launched in 2013 by Siux.

And this year again, Diablo's number 1 ambassador will be a certain Sanyo Gutiérrez. The “Mago de San Luis”, who is ready to start 2024 with a bang with Paquito Navarro, will be able to count on his faithful Diablo Revolution 3 to undermine his opponents. For this new version, we are dealing with a versatile pala which will provide the Argentinian with a perfect mix between control and power.

On the program we find a teardrop shape, a balance located between the handle and the center for a little more control, and a mix of Eva rubber / 15k carbon for a rather compact feel. In terms of design, the sublime red and black checkerboard should conquer more than one. As you might expect, this is a very high-end pala, which is equipped with the very latest technologies from the Spanish brand, such as aramid reinforcements to increase the durability of the frame.

Those who prefer a slightly more forgiving option can opt for the Revolution Lite 3, which has 12k carbon on its faces.

Siux don't forget intermediate level players and offer a more flexible and easy to play version: the Diablo Go 3, which has 3k carbon on its sides!

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