In the catalog of Bullpadel, products are meticulously grouped into powerful, maneuverable, comfortable, versatile and lightweight models, ensuring clarity in classification. However, what really sets the company apart are three very lightweight SKUs, primarily designed for women, but also suitable for men. This distinctive strategy from the Spanish brand stands out by offering such an extensive range for women, a particularly wise decision given the remarkable growth seen in the female gamer segment.

After having recently tested the Vertex W from Delfi Brea, I will now look at the rackets of two emblematic players, both formerly ranked at the zenith of the padel World. Bullpadel has developed a reference specifically adapted to these players, optimally meeting their expectations. Without further ado, let's start with the pala of Alejandra Salazar, the Flow.

Bullpadel Flow 2024

Characteristics that are specific to it

Featuring a pearly white painted frame and logo Bullpadel adorned with gold, this racket offers a high level of sophistication and visual impact. The handwritten script, similar to the Bradley Hand ITC sans serif font, is a bold way to present this design's reference. The letters are distinguished by their fineness and geometry, displaying gentle curves and oscillating linearity. The generous spacing between characters gives the whole thing an airy and modern look.

Regarding the origin of the word “flow”, it evokes a state of intense concentration. In positive psychology, “flow” represents a mental attitude where concentration is maximal, and the individual is totally absorbed in an activity, feeling both stimulation and determination. This optimal experience is characterized by total immersion in the present moment, making one lose track of time. If you follow player Ale Salazar closely, you will notice that the name of this racket is perfectly in tune with her state of mind: concentrated, applied and focused.

It is the diamond-shaped racket with a reduced weight selected once again by the Madrid player, which in its technical characteristics resembles a Vertex W. It obviously benefits from technologies specific to this model, and we will start with the most visible, the bridge. Here, the Flow Force connects the handle to the racket frame and plays a crucial role in power transfer, stability and vibration damping. It is equipped with longitudinal reinforcements in order to stiffen the structure and obtain greater comfort and firmness in fast play.

Secondly, special attention will be necessary to discover the integration of a new marking technique, UV Reactive Paint. UV reactive paint is an exceptional category of paint distinguished by its ability to absorb ultraviolet (UV) light and release it as visible light, creating spectacular effects. This remarkable property helps produce unique results that manifest depending on the ambient light or the angle from which you view the painted surface.

The racket “reacts” to UV light, causing colors and graphics to appear using photosensitive ink. Its ability to make the invisible visible and generate distinct lighting ambiances makes it an essential choice for those seeking originality and visual impact. Indeed, a very aesthetic gradient purple tint appears on certain areas of the headpiece, specifically at the top right and bottom left, when the racket is exposed to the sun.

However, it is on the bridge and on the edge of the frame that this transformation is particularly remarkable. When you remove the racket from your bag, these are initially white in color, but as soon as they are exposed to daylight, they take on a vibrant orange hue. Naturally, this technology is more in the aesthetic domain, and it is necessary to recognize that Bullpadel explores numerous innovations to determine whether they deserve to be mass-produced on other references of the brand.

The core of this racket remains powered by dual-density MultiEva technology; the more compact outer rubber layer reacts to fast balls, providing more power. The lower density inner layer responds to slower balls and provides better control during strikes.

The Fibrix faces promise increased comfort and better ball release. This technology fuses glass and carbon fiber to take advantage of the benefits of both materials.

The Flow incorporates 3D Grain technology on its faces, a finish that improves the grip of the racket, thus increasing the spin of the ball. The arrangement of small, slightly raised pimples ensures an optimal balance between spin and ball control.


The Vibradrive system is a visco-elastic material inside the handle, dividing it into two parts, to absorb vibrations resulting from the impact of the ball on the racket. This component is particularly effective in reducing vibrations, especially during off-center hits.

The CarbonTube frame, made entirely of carbon with a bi-directional interlock, represents a construction offering optimal mechanical response to the frame. This guarantees an ideal balance between power and control.

The Flow model does not offer Custom Weight, Curv:Aktiv, or Hesacore grip, unlike the Vertex W. This implies the absence of the possibility of adjusting the weights to achieve an optimal balance, the coefficient of penetration in the air will be slightly higher, and you will have to add a Hesacore if you want to benefit from more grip.


During play, I found this racket to be slightly better balanced than the Vertex W, although both have a diamond shape. The head weight is better controlled, offering exceptional responsiveness at the net and remarkable maneuverability, but could show its limits when it comes to delivering powerful smashes. Originally designed for women or less intense games, this racket can also lack stability during counterattacks, especially when faced with rapid attacks at the net. On the other hand, it proves to be a pleasure to use in defense during fierce phases, thanks to its reduced weight and excellent ball release.


This racket is a proven go-to for left or right-handed players, and it's important to note that it may also suit a man looking for a lightweight, impactful racket. Now let's look at the model Elite by Gemma Triay.

Bullpadel Elite 2024

Gemma’s pala

The etymology of the word “elite” reveals its very essence: excellence. In fact, it derives from the Latin verb “eligere” which means “to choose”. The elite therefore designates a restricted group of individuals or objects which are distinguished by their superior quality. In sports, an elite player surpasses his peers in talent, skill and performance, reaching the pinnacle of his discipline with mastery and determination. Gemma Triay perfectly embodies this notion as a professional player, having won numerous titles thanks to her power, athleticism and tactical acumen. It is completely natural that Bullpadel partnered with her to create this reference. Together, they have crafted an elite racquet that meets the highest standards, embodying the fusion of human and material excellence, inspiring one to push one's limits to reach one's full potential.

The racket, with its teardrop shape and contained weight, offers an aesthetic as sophisticated as that of Paquito Navarro's Hack, with a perceptible visual change depending on whether you look at the front or back. This particularity evokes the concept of Yin and Yang, from Chinese philosophy, symbolizing the balance between two opposing forces and often used to describe objects having two complementary colors. The reversible, smooth and shiny surfaces of this racket give it an original touch: on one side, a polychrome palette mixing shades of black, rose gold and gray offers a sober and elegant combination, while the other side, two-tone, combines the classic and timeless black and white.

In its faces we can also discern what appears to be an olive branch, a symbol that has its roots in the Bible and is widely appreciated in Provence, Italy and Spain, Gemma Triay's country of origin. The olive branch is used in various ways due to its multiple symbolisms, which seem to resonate with the temperament of the Catalan player. We find connotations such as power, illustrating his aggressive play on the left side, resilience, reflecting his ability to overcome trauma, as evidenced by his recurring injury to his right arm, victory, symbolized by his status as world number 1 for three consecutive years, and finally, loyalty, underlined by its commitment to Bullpadel since 2021. As a symbol of victory, the winners of the first Olympic Games in Athens, 2 years ago, received an olive branch wreath. This meaning of victory continues to this day, and it is possible that the Spanish player gave a nod to a possible Olympic triumph in 500!

From a technical point of view, what makes this racket stand out from the other models tested is the Elite Style Core. It is a system integrated into the heart of the racket, identifiable by an exclusive pale orange bridge design which reinforces its rigidity and resistance. This makes it possible to optimize power restitution, especially during smashes. This reinforcement aims to increase the moment of inertia of the racket, which improves its stability during strikes by reducing twisting. Bullpadel also added ridges to the upper part of the core to create a concavity that absorbs tension during hits, thus reinforcing the resistance of the racket.

The Air React Channel system is also integrated into this Elite model, revolutionizing the aerodynamics of the frame by facilitating the passage of air through the racket. Its objective is to provide players with an amplified swing sensation, enhanced power and optimal control when hitting shots. By improving shot preparation and impact, the Air React Channel promotes swing speed and ensures maximum responsiveness thanks to the perforations integrated into the frame. In addition, this innovative technology gives additional rigidity to the frame, guaranteeing optimal energy restitution upon impact with the ball. Bullpadel has developed this technology to improve the two crucial stages of the strike: a preparation now more fluid, faster and lighter, and a more powerful impact thanks to a more stable structure.

In addition to the MultiEva Core, which we have explained in detail on all other products in the ProLine range, as well as Vibradrive and CarbonTube, terms that you now know perfectly, the Xtend Carbon 3 K is the real novelty integrated into the faces of this Elite model. The player from Menorca decided to skip the Fibrix, technology which fitted the 2023 reference, in order to add more dimension to her strikes and power to her smashes. The decision seems natural for an aggressive player like her, who orients her game towards intensity, strength and authority. In the classification of technologies related to stiffness, the Xtend Carbon 3 K is placed between the Fibrix and the Xtend Carbon 12 K, thus offering a perfect balance, guaranteeing significant responsiveness while maintaining remarkable versatility.


Gem Bullpadel Elite 2024 pala

In a playing situation, this racket stands out for its undeniable aggressive characteristics, which makes it a leading choice for players who follow an offensive style of play. Powerful smashes are executed with panache, maneuverability at the net is exceptional, and defenses are performed with ease. This racket is the epitome of absolute versatility, with no real flaws, but with a multitude of qualities. A perfect balance was sought and found, the teardrop shape dictates the tempo, and the use of MultiEva technology combined with the Xtend Carbon 3 K seems to be the ideal compromise for a wide range of players.


In conclusion, Bullpadel made a bold choice by offering three complementary references in order to satisfy as many people as possible. This variety of choice makes it possible to better understand and respond to the individual expectations of players, adapting as best as possible to their playing style. All these models are distinguished by their lightness, thus offering better maneuverability and reducing strain on the elbow. and the shoulder. Belonging to the Proline range, these three models benefit from the latest technological advances of Bullpadel, and sometimes even preview innovations, like the Flow's UV Reactive Paint.

The generous Sweet Spot, increased comfort and padded wrist straps complete the package perfectly.

The Vertex W stands out for its power, maneuverability and versatility, asserting its offensive aspect. The Flow offers the greatest comfort while being impactful, ideal for players seeking an advantage during crucial points or suffering from elbow problems. Finally, the Elite stands out for its exceptional versatility in all areas of the game, but with an undeniable offensive aspect, which makes it my favorite. These rackets, lighter than average, will have a secondary performance in terms of attack compared to men's models focused on power, but they offer undeniable maneuverability and can be more effective in certain playing situations requiring reactivity, without yet exert trauma on the body. Fibrix and 3K carbon fiber coverings are therefore recommended to avoid injuries, provide optimal comfort and ideal ball release. In short, I highly recommend that men try these references, putting their ego aside, because I am convinced that most would be pleasantly surprised by their performance!

It is also relevant to mention that Gemma Triay, the most aggressive player on the left side of the Women's Team Bullpadel, favors a teardrop format with medium balance, while her two teammates, who play on the right side, prefer diamond-shaped models and high balance. This demonstrates that the architecture of the racket is not the only element influencing its behavior; it is also crucial to take into consideration the materials used, the combination of technologies, and especially the striking technique.

We will meet again very soon to close this vast file Bullpadel, with emphasis on the real novelty that is the Neuron. I can't wait for you to discover all the features of this racket with unique features and innovative technologies.

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!