TECNIFIBRE makes noise in the middle of the padel. Javier Llebot Lozano, head of padel products at Tecnifibre is therefore back on the launch of the padel range by TECNIFIBRE and more generally on the ambition of the French brand on the national and international market.

Franck Binisti - What is your analysis of the padel current? In Spain / internationally?

Javier Llebot Lozano - The padel market in Spain is very mature in its practice but is in a restructuring phase on the marketing side. Many new players have emerged with the explosion of the practice, but some have speech-driven product not always understandable to the users or carry a rather vague follow-up with their distributors.

Following the padel explosion in Spain, many markets have become interested in this discipline and are developing strongly (France, Italy, UK, etc.)

The internationalization of the padel and the professionalization of all structures augur a bright future for this sport

FB -How is Tecnifibre's offer different from those of these competitors?

JLL - Making good products does not seem enough to us anymore. Stores, coaches and players need to be able to identify and understand which product is right for them.

Our desire has been to simplify the discourse and offer a technical and efficient range. We worked around the key element of padel : tactical management of the wall.

We relied on this specificity to build a range of high-performance products with a very simple and effective speech.

FB - What does the #RuleTheWall claim mean?

JLL - This claim expresses the will of all players to progress and effectively apprehend the wall, key element in the padel.

This also guides our desire to develop the most effective products for a well-defined padel use.

FB - Why did you limit the range of rackets to 2 models?

JLL - We have focused our efforts on performing products that provide a solution to the various wall management tactics. This is how we defined the “Wall Master” and “Wall Breaker” player profiles which gave rise to the 2 palas.

FB - What is the pricing strategy for this range padel ?

JLL - It seems logical to us that 2 player profiles have access to products that suit them without having price differences. We have positioned our 2 palas at a single price (169,90 €)

FB - How will you promote TF products? Do you plan to invest in players?

JLL - We will continue to develop our synergies with partner clubs, particularly through coaches who will invest in the padel with Tecnifibre.

FB - What are TF's ambitions on the padel ?

JLL - Tecnifibre wants to support its partners in the padel adventure with powerful products and an understandable and easily transmissible speech

Interview conducted by Franck Binisti at the headquarters of TECNIFIBRE in Feucherolles

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.