We had the chance to test the incredible SOXPro Classic socks offered by the Italian brand GEARXPro. Feedback on this experience!

There is little we present to you the SOXPro range, state-of-the-art, non-slip socks, particularly suitable for padel, a sport where support is preponderant.

The Classic: a very comfortable sock

We were able to test the model Classic of the brand, a sock mid-rise, fleece, particularly comfortable. (For those who prefer low or thinner socks, the brand also markets the “Low Cut” and “Ultralight” models).

SOXPro classic low cut ultra light

on the left the Classic, in the middle the Low Cut, on the right the Ultralight


At first glance, we immediately realize that we are dealing with a very high-end product. The socks are placed in a resealable pouch, and the quality of the materials is impressive.

Note that we received the socks in size M (41/46) and that there were two of us to test them, one wearing a size 42, the other a 46. Size level, no lie since they fit us perfectly. both.

Threading is done without problem, taking care to put the one with the L on the left and the one with the R on the right. The slightly silky fabric tells us straight away that we will have no problem with bulbs. Comfort is there, the strap at the midfoot supports very well and you are immediately very comfortable. The elasticity is impressive and we feel like a glove enveloping our feet.

SOXPRo Classic description

Silicone gel impresses

Le silicone gel arranged in the shape of arrows does an incredible job, you feel the foot completely locked in the shoe. The feeling is impressive. To make the test really interesting, we put on basic socks during the test and clearly the grip was lacking. We felt like slipping in our shoes, so we quickly put the SOXPro back on!

This feeling of hooking is really addictive, it is so pleasant. The foot is locked in this sock, so comfortable that you end up forgetting that you are wearing them. We feel instantly that our supports are stronger. The brand promises even more grip with the new Hyperlight which incorporate Grip-In + technology, we even wonder how this can be possible!

For fitness enthusiasts, we tested the socks in the gym, and again the sensations are excellent, whether with or without shoes!

SOXPro Classic silicone gel

Great promises in terms of lifespan

After the game, however contested in full sun, we do not feel our red or swollen feet. No friction was felt, no pain or no sign of the start of a blister. The feet breathed well during the training and they thank us for it.

We washed the socks inside out at 30 ° in the machine as directed and they did not budge. They dry very quickly thanks to the breathable materials that compose them and they seem to be gone for a while !

SoxPro socks padel


In conclusion, we can say that once put on, these socks become essential for the comfort and the feeling of security and support they generate. It is quite simply a crush. The feet and the supports are very important in padel and they need the best to be able to perform in the best possible conditions.

The SOXPro Classic is sold for € 29 on the brand's website which is obviously more expensive than a basic pair of socks but the benefits it provides have nothing to do with traditional tennis socks. It's a small investment but for a absolute comfort, better support and reduced risk of injury, we think it's really worth it!

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