It's official: the FIP has just announced the birth of the first senior European championship, which will be played in Spain from June 12 to 17.

This will be the first edition of this continental competition for veterans of the padel : teams made up of players aged at least 40 and up to over 60. the national teams will compete in La Nucia, a town in the province of Alicante located south of Valencia.

Without Belasteguin and Lamperti (and for good reason)!

The competition will take place at the Ciudad deportiva Camilo Cano de La Nucia, a large sports complex in the Comunidad Valenciana. The Spanish Federation of padel and the local regional federation will be the organizers of this first senior championship, which will take place the same week as WPT Human Padel Open in Toulouse. Fortunately, Fernando Belasteguin and Miguel Lamperti, 44 years old next June, will not need to choose, because they are… Argentinians!

In the senior men's and women's competition, 16 national teams will face off in a best-of-three match, with players over 40, over 45 and over 50. In the super-senior table, the three age groups are: over 50, over 55 and over 60, both ladies and gentlemen. In addition to these two tables for national teams, there will be Open competitions, always reserved for national pairs, also divided by age categories.

team france las vegas world
The French senior team 4th at the world championships in Las Vegas in 2022 will resume service

Luigi Carraro: “Age is not a limitation, but an opportunity”

“The organization of the Senior European Championships makes me particularly proud and happy”, said FIP President Luigi Carraro. "It's a particular pleasure because I believe that talent has no age in sport in general and in the padel especially. The competitions for seniors organized by the FIP represent a precious “treasure chest” for each national federation. Now is the right time to transform this talent, together with the experience gained over the years and the technical and tactical background into a message to convey to those who discover the padel. "

“The focus is on the new generations who will be able to take up the precious heritage, after the exploits of those who preceded them, continues the president of the FIP. Furthermore, I believe that age in sport should never be a limitation, but an opportunity. Extraordinary athletes who have written fundamental pages for our sport will be on the field, so it will be a unique opportunity to admire them in such a high level competition. That is why I thank the President of the Spanish Federation Ramon Morcillo Valle and the President of the Federation of the Comunidad Valenciana Alfonso Monferrer for having accepted with enthusiasm to host these European Championships.”

“We want to express our satisfaction at having been chosen as the venue for this first senior European Championship, declared for his part Ramon Morcillo Valle, president of the Spanish Federation of padel. Our sport, which continues to grow and develop, allows us to play and compete from an early age and into old age, which is one of the great successes of the padel. This is why this championship responds to the need of our elders to have their own Europe, in the same way that they have a World Cup. We are convinced that the participation will be a success and that the level of the players will be up to the major competitions.”

More informations: Facebook International Padel Federation

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