La Pro Padel League (PPL), the professional league of padel in North America, officially announces its partnership with the Ultra Club of Miami (Florida), which will host the first two events of the PPL regular season: April 2-7 and April 9-14.

The first event will begin on Tuesday April 2, with group matches which will take place until Friday April 5, then the semi-finals on Saturday 6 and the final on Sunday 7. We take the same ones and start again from Tuesday April 9, with the finals on Sunday the 14th.

“Ultra Club Miami is an ideal partner to host the first two events of the PPL regular season this year,” said Marcos del Pilar, commissioner of the PPL. “This is a premier facility that will become one of the biggest clubs in padel in the USA. We're excited to showcase the PPL and the world's best players at Ultra Club next month. Miami is currently one of the most popular places in the country for padel, and we look forward to further growing our fan base in South Florida.”

As we told you recently, this ultra-modern club promises to be an essential place to practice in the United States.

“I am delighted to announce our partnership with the Pro Padel League, a union that illustrates our shared commitment to elevating the experience of padel", commented Guillermo Barragan, CEO of Ultra Club. “By aligning with the PPL, we are not only expanding our reach, but also amplifying our impact, cementing our position as the destination of choice for enthusiasts of padel and new holistic approach to sport. Together, we are rewriting the rules, redefining the standards of excellence and setting the stage for unforgettable experiences on and off the court.”

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