Au padel, it's not just the racket and shoes that are important. Lots of little additional things will allow you to have a better gaming experience... and above all, to make your equipment last much longer!

Joffrey Gilant of Spirit Padel Shop shares with us these five essential accessories for padel !

Racket head protection

It is perhaps the best known accessory and most essential to padel. A racket head protection is placed on the frame of the racket shovel and helps limit impacts. With such protection, the paint of your shovel is protected and you have less chance of breaking it quickly.

Generally speaking, a racket head protector costs in the 3 to 10 € and has a good lifespan... in short, why do without it?


And no, it's not just tennis that anti-vibrators are essential. Although less common in padel, however, they are essential, especially for players who tend to suffer from tennis elbow where tendinitis in the wrists. The anti-vibrators are placed in the holes of the racket and minimize vibrations caused by impacts of the ball or by contact with the grid/window.

For a box of four anti-vibrators, you need to count around 15€. And for those who are most perplexed, don’t hesitate to go see the opinion of the expert Stéphane Penso.

The Hesacore grip

The Hesacore grip has another name among tennis players. padel : the honeycomb. This rather special grip is placed on the handle of the racket in place of the grip and must be covered by an over-grip, to keep it in place. The Hesacore grip allows for better racquet hold and will reduce vibrations caused by impacts.

For this type of grip, you need to count between 15 and 20€ and above all, you have to take into account the size of the handle of the racket because there are several sizes!

hesacore padel

The 4ON spray

Less known by players padel, the 4ON spray is nevertheless essential, especially if your hand tends to sweat quickly. This spray, to be applied to the handle of the racket or directly to the hand, helps to avoid having a slippery hand and to always maintain a good grip, without damaging the grip.

We are increasing a little bit more in terms of prices. We turn around €25, for a spray that has a good lifespan.

The Pascal Box

The Pascal Box is a box in which you have to keep the balls, once they have been taken out of their box. This allows, on average, to extend the lifespan of bullets by two and therefore, save the repurchase of numerous boxes of balls.

The Pascal Box costs approximately fifty euros but will quickly pay for itself!

Pascal Box

If you would like more advice and tips on the products presented, it's here:

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