It may be the first move of every trade, the service is a gesture underrated by many players, especially beginners. However, service is not just a commitment. It needs to be worked on and improved.

Vital importance

Perceive the importance of service can take time because, unlike the service in tennis, where it is performed from above (except when one takes oneself for Michael Chang or Nick Kyrgios), it is not “profitable” immediately, that is. that is, in aces or winning serves. Thus, it mainly appears as an apparently weak transition move. In his column in Diario AS, Alberto Bote explains: “The vast majority of amateur players see serve as the necessary step to be able to start a point, finish the previous one and have a new opportunity to stay ahead on the scoreboard, overcome or change the trend of the game. But it's not like that. The service is of a vital importance".

Offensive intention

It is therefore imperative to break down the gesture in training in order to put themselves in the best conditions to have the initiative of the point and advance in the field. But what is good service? “He must have speed, theswerve, strength, the right direction and the intention to be the first of the attacks against the opponent ”.

It is therefore a move that must be considered before being carried out: aiming at the wall, the T or the body, adjusting the depth must make it possible to hinder the return and therefore to have a head start for the second stroke of the pala. “It will be essential, after performing a good serve, to be able to jump to the net. Otherwise, the effect will be zero. The initial goal of the service is to be able to prevent the opponent from playing comfortably and therefore to be able to approach the outposts to take the initiative for the point ”. Now all you have to do is make baskets of services to improve your skills! It's tedious but when you see your next ranking, you can enjoy!


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