At the start of 2023, the brands have already released their new palas collections. The opportunity for us to make a first top 5 attack-focused rackets for advanced to professional level players.

Wilson Bela Pro V2

It was one of the most anticipated racquets of the new year, and it has already won over many aficionados with its bright red. The new weapon of legend Fernando Belasteguin returns with new technologies, while retaining its spirit: a foam and rigid faces for dry and powerful strikes. An original pala, which leaves no one indifferent, and which should once again delight players with an offensive style.

wilson padel beautiful pro 2023

Babolat Technical Viper Juan Lebron

After the racket of the one who will have been on the roof of the padel world sixteen years, place now at the pala of the current number 1: Juan Lebron. His signature pala at Babolat arrives in an innovative colorway and with a beautiful Andalusian wolf logo. In terms of sensations, we are again faced with a model equipped with the brand's latest innovations and which relies on rigidity to transmit power and precision.

Babolat Technical Viper Juan LeBron 2023

Adidas Metalbone 3.2

The new weapon of Juan Lebron's partner, Ale Galan, is also entitled to a place of choice in our Top 5 of the novelties of this beginning of the year. Two places of choice even, since the brand with the three bands has still decided to offer two models signed by the Madrilenian: the Metalbone 3.2 and the Metalbone 3.2 HRD. As you will have understood, the HRD (hard) version is more rigid than the normal version, it will suit fans of compact shots, while its sister will offer more comfort and ball output. The brand's advanced technologies are still present, including the ability to change the balance of your racquet.

Varlion Bourne Summum Airflow MY

The pala of the teammate of Lebron and Galan in the Spanish team, Miguel Yanguas, is also part of our Top 5. The very first signature racket of the young Andalusian comes with completely innovative technologies, such as Airflow technology which improves aerodynamics . The main interested party is already conquered by his new weapon: ” This is one of the most powerful and quickest palas at net I have ever had.“. That announces the color! Again, it is possible to have the pala in two versions: with a rigid red foam or with a more flexible black foam.


StarVie Triton Pro 2.0

Used by another member of the Spanish selection, Javi Garrido, the StarVie Triton Pro arrives in its 2.0 version, to still hurt a lot. It is not for nothing that this racquet is used by one who is one of the biggest hitters on the circuit. With its two layers of carbon on the faces and its one centimeter longer handle, it will allow you to put all the chances on your side on the smashes.

In order to delight lovers of brute force as well as those who want more comfort, it is available in the Pro version, which is more rigid, and in the Speed ​​version, which is more flexible.

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