Thierry Braemer, partner and responsible for the prospection and projects for the group Henri Leconte Padel Club returns on these two weeks padel at Roland Garros which announce themselves « crazy ».

[box type = ”info”] Recall that it was the Henri Leconte Padel Club group that was chosen by the FFT to put the padel field at Roland Garros [/ box]

Padel Magazine - How will the padel at Roland Garros take place?

Thierry Braemer - Even during qualifying week, Henri Leconte will be present one hour per day on the field. This is what has been agreed with the FFT to set up this magnificent site in Roland. Two paddle monitors will be present to allow people to experience the sport for the most part and play on our HLPC padel pitch.

Visitors who want to play will be able to make a reservation of 10 minutes. This slot can be blocked directly at the tennis club area on Court # 13 (Behind Suzanne Lenglen).

I will be there all day. And we will communicate the day before for the next day the time when Henri Leconte will be present. There will be no special schedule. We will see as and when.

Personalities, tennis players will come. Do you know who?

We should have Mansour Bahrami, all the players who play the Legends Tournament with the hope of having players of the French team ... but not only ... Then there will certainly be a large part of the Spanish players who will absolutely want to play padel .

I remember that this is the first time we have Padel Roland.

What is the assessment of this first year HLP?

Our padel clubs (Sète, Manosque, Aix, Avignon, Ajaccio) are recent and are doing well. We expect others soon that should come out of the ground at the latest in September, especially on the side of Alsace ... But also abroad with including Australia (Perth and Sydney) and an island not far ...

We have many files in progress that should be realized by September.

The padel at Roland Garros, is it possible to do better in terms of communication?

The operation 'Padel' will be a real trigger for everyone, even if we talk more and more in France since 1 or 2 years. I remember that when there was the installation of the beach the first year, a hundred televisons came to report on the sport. The tournament of Roland Garros is one, if not, the most publicized in the world.

And we especially have a person like Henri Leconte can not be more media. It is a chance to have a magnificent tribune with Henri leconte. We also have padel pitches of very high quality with technical innovations.

Which ones are they?

The first concerns the design which is unique with the legs of forces that take up the least possible space.

The second is the shade of sand (orange / red) that we are the only ones to propose. Moreover this shade of sand does not stain. What makes our padel field at Roland-Garros a unique field.

How long will the padel court stay at Roland?

It will last during the period of Roland-Garros but also until September. Cad that there will be this field also during the championships of France of tennis.

Thierry Braemer interviewed by Franck Binisti - Padel Magazine
Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.