If certain pairs quite logically experience a a little slack after starting very strong, others completely missed their start to the Middle East season.

Gil / Moyano: a tendency to start strong, and end badly…

Let's talk about the Gil/Moyano case first. Last season, “Xisco” and Ramiro complained a lot about their draws. Indeed, almost systematically, Severino Iezzi's players found themselves facing seeded players in the first round. In these conditions, it is difficult to win matches, but this year, the situation has changed for those who form the number 12 pair of the Premier Padel.

Indeed, for their first match in Riyadh, Gil and Moyano faced Teo Zapata and Enrique Goenaga, two players much lower ranked than them. Yet favorites and logical winners of the first set, the member of the Team Black Crown and that of Team Dunlop collapsed and lost 6/2 3/6 7/5. A disappointing result which still motivated both men to do better.

And for their entry into the running in Doha, against Muñoz and Bautista, two players once again less well ranked than them, the two friends also started with a first set of good quality, but cracked again. The number 12 pair suffered a defeat 6/3 3/6 4/6 which plunged them into doubt. There is already an emergency among the men of Argentinian coach Iezzi, who have to change something to get back on the path to victory...

Same fight for Leal / Diestro

Javi Leal and José Antonio Diestro started their season in Galicia a few weeks ago during the UTP Open in La Coruña. And after having had a rocky start, the Spaniards recovered well to finally reach the final. Favorites in the title match against the inexhaustible Cardona and Ruiz, Leal and Diestro ended up giving in after winning the first set. Despite the disappointment, they could still be satisfied with having been able to string together victories in Galicia.

But afterwards, we wonder if the defeat against Javi and Pablo did not generate a blockage among the number 15 pair of Premier Padel. Indeed, against Oria / Sager, the surprise pair from Riyadh P1, the two teammates lost one of the biggest fights of the tournament: 6/7 7/6 5/7.

Not defeated, Javi and José Antonio started the Qatari Major with a knife between their teeth. Faced with Jesus Moya and Diego Gil who had not really impressed in Riyadh (defeat 6/1 6/3 against the qualified pair Gala / Sans), the favorites of the meeting got off to a flying start. A 6/0 first set which seemed to open the way to an easy victory. But behind the machine has jammed. Frustrated at having lost the second set in the tie-break, the Spaniards let their compatriots slip away to victory. Final score 0/6 7/6 6/3.

Like Moyano and Gil, Diestro and Leal are very disappointing at the start of the season. Will they be able to get back together or will we soon see separations? Answers very soon.

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