Tito Allemandi and Tolito Aguirre somewhat defied the predictions in winning the New York Grand Master. Indeed, if the number 3 seed is naturally one of the most dangerous pairs on the circuit, she was not really expected at this level during the biggest tournament of the A1 season Padel.

It must be said that between Tito, left hand injured in Paraguay after collision with the grid, and Tolito, who stuck your hand in the window in New York, the two men did not really seem to be in good times. Moreover, after losing in the quarterfinals in Panama, the Argentines did not arrive in the United States with full confidence...

But it is often when we least expect them that the great champions show themselves to be the strongest. Tito and Tolito proved it with this title won in New York, their first of the season. In the final, they were very strong to beat in two sets the best pair on the circuit: Arce / Dal Bianco.

Those who won four tournaments last season will now try to use the confidence gained in America for the end of the year!

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