The centers of padel, whether private or associative, continue to develop strongly on French territory at the start of the year. To be certain of properly taking care of this exploding clientele, structures can rely on software that has proven itself in club management.

We present to you today the best offers of club management software available on the market!

Sports Management

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This software created and developed in France by an aficionado of padel, Loïc Tap, has become a benchmark for club leaders. This all-in-one tool has full functionality while being very easy to use.

The interface is customizable to adapt to its own structure and allows easy management of booking slots, among others.

Website : Sports Management


doinsport padel club and player

Like its predecessor, Doinsport caters to the needs of club managers to keep a club running smoothly. padel, in particular the reservation of tracks.

Created in 2016, the software is now available through an application intended for players. This free application allows practitioners to book directly on the interface, find game partners and share games with the community on social networks.

Feel free to contact the Doinsport teams.




anybuddy padel clubs

Anybuddy is still the leading application for à la carte sports in France. It allows, among other things, to reserve a sports field anywhere on the territory in a few seconds.

Use this software for a club padel is an effective and fast solution to increase the volume of external reservations. It is a community of more than 250.000 players who can potentially land in the structure.

The club can also take advantage of advanced tools to facilitate management:

  • Increase court fill rate and generate new revenue without having to canvass new players.
  • Keep full control of the club : choose at any time which courts and time slots are available on Anybuddy. You can also put reservation restrictions, for example by only authorizing last minute reservations to give priority to your regulars.
  • If the club is not equipped with an access control solution, the platform provides a secure code box free of charge to allow access to players at any time.
  •  the players and the club are insured by Anybuddy's RCpro.

Find out about Anybuddy's website.

Contact email:

TPC Match Point

TPC Match Point is considered the most comprehensive software on the market. This Spanish application, present in more than 20 countries, adapts as much as possible to the needs of each club and all players in the field (manager, coach, players, etc.) can find what they are looking for.

More information on TPC Match Point website.

Benefit Padel

One of the few 100% software padel which is all the more compatible with all the tools presented above. Advantage Padel focuses on the integration of new players and the statistics of leisure and competition matches through 20 automatic levels evolving in real time.

Players in your structure can focus on their progress and find more suitable partners more easily.

For more information : Benefit Padel


racketscore logo

Present in the Netherlands, England and therefore in France, Racketscore is an application that allows you to ideally follow sports competitions and friendly matches.

Using this tool, you can count points and generate match stats to end up with a scoreboard at the end with all the details of your game. You are then free to share it anywhere on social networks.

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Martin Schmuda

A competitive tennis player, Martin discovered the padel in 2015 in Alsace and appeared in a few tournaments in Paris. Today a journalist, he deals with current affairs padel while continuing its rise in the world of the little yellow ball!