A complex of padel brand new indoor, twelve meters high ceiling, 500 people from different countries to fill the stands, giant screens, sound, light everywhere, smoke screens, commentators, retransmission live of all the matches, big name sponsorships, a breathtaking opening ceremony, dance shows, extensive media coverage, nearly ten thousand euros in prize money...And the sixteen best players of padel of the season: these were the ingredients of the Masters of padel 2023 Map Padel Circuit. A major event which took place from December 15 to 17 at the Gammarth Club.

The map Padel Circuit organized its first full 2023 season of 10 stages across several clubs and regions of Tunisia. “The circuit was able to count on the support of its major sponsors Carte Assurances and Cupra, who made such an event possible, as well as on the support of the Tunisian Tennis and Tennis Federation. padel », explains Taher Bouzayen, director of Carte Padel Circuit. The sixteen best players ranked at the end of the 10 stages formed the pairs competing in the Masters which was played in the form of two pools of four teams.

Although the El Aroui / Elloumi pair dominated the season from October onwards, it was their rivals Helali and Chouaieb who were crowned after a remontada unprecedented and won in this final which was played in three sets, to the great pleasure of the public.

The Gammarth Club, host of this edition of the Master, took advantage of this event to inaugurate one of the largest complexes indoor de padel in the south of the Mediterranean, with five courts sheltered at a height of twelve meters, a colossal investment. " THE padel is experiencing impressive growth and the extension of our complex responds to strong demand from local and European players,” says Hassen Sfar, general manager of the Gammarth Club.

Such an epilogue to such an intense 2023 season is a perfect way to start the year 2024!