A difficult day. In the Open, more French or French ... It was believed in the men that the World was going to rebooster ... But they fell in front of a beautiful team from Paraguay.

France Vs Paraguay: Not far!

France Vs Paraguay was the big poster of this world at the beginning of the afternoon. These 2 nations thus launched the world championships of padel by team 2016. Unfortunately, frustrating 1st stage for the French in this world but not crippling.

Opposed Paraguay, seeded No. 1 of Pool C, France played tactical leaving his pair No. 1 rest to play at first a pair reworked for the occasion: Mannarino / Bensadoun. Mannarino was playing on the left, while Bensadoun was swinging to the right. Nice match of the French, but clearly this Paraguayan pair (Fretes / Almiron) was too strong today. In 2 sets (6 / 2 6 / 3), Paraguay wins its first point.

In the second match, the champions of France Haziza / Scatena plays the pair 3 of Paraguay which they will make a mouthful in 2 small sets.

Everything was played in this 3e decisive game where the pair Moreau / Ritz was reformed for the occasion. On paper, France advanced confidently having posted in No. 3, an ultra competitive pair. Except that…. Paraguayans too!

However, the first set is almost a formality for the French pair that leads very quickly 5 / 1. At that moment, we believe in a certain victory of France. But the Paraguayans had actually missed their early game. Suddenly, the general level rises. France wins its first set but not without difficulty. The long exchanges are linked ... And in this game, in the long run, Paraguay will gradually take precedence over their opponents. Moreau / Ritz loses their match in 3 sets (3 / 6 6 / 2 6 / 1) and so lets Paraguay leap for joy:
Paraguay 2 - France 1

Abilities to bounce

France is already under pressure since it must not lose any more to get out of hens.

In the same group as France, Italy beat Belgium 2 / 1 also on a decisive match.

Remember that she must leave at least 2e of her hen to hope to access the finals. Everything is still possible, since the hen is certainly the most homogeneous and therefore the most uncertain of this world.

For the men, France will continue its adventure at 11h and the ladies will start tomorrow against the big favorites of the tournament, the Spanish.

Franck Binisti - PADEL MAGAZINE

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.