We have known it since publication of the calendar Premier Padel in 2024. : there will be a P2 in Andalusia from April 29 to May 5.

On the other hand, we wonder which city will be chosen by the circuit financed by QSI. If Malaga has already been confirmed as host of P1 which will take place from July 08 to 14, doubt still remains as to the city which will host P2.

But if we believe the words of the Mayor of Valladolid during the presentation of his city's FIP Platinum, it could well be that it was Seville which was chosen for this tournament. Indeed, certainly without meaning to, Jesús Julio Carnero gave the names of the four Spanish cities which would host the Premier Padel : Madrid, Barcelona and therefore Malaga and Seville.

This information must of course be confirmed by the circuit itself or by the FIP but the city of Paquito Navarro's birth seems well on its way to having its P2. Which could not be more logical since it is the capital of Andalusia and its most populated city.

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