The rumors follow one another for 2024, especially now that we know that Lebron and Galan will continue together.

Indeed, a time announced alongside Alejandro Galan, Fede Chingotto could finally start the year with Momo Gonzalez. And if the native of Antequera plays with the Argentinian, it will mean that his stage on the right with Javi Garrido is over.

So who to play with the powerful left-wing player from Córdoba? Perhaps Miguel Yanguas, who, as we know, will not continue with Fernando Belasteguin. And as you will see, a Garrido / Yanguas association would ultimately be very logical.

Indeed, the two players share many points in common. They are Andalusian, young, in the prime of life and they both played their first Master Final this year. A year after defending the colors of the Spanish senior team for the first time, Javi and Miguel have this year confirmed all the hopes placed in them for a while.

Now, the two men, who finished 13th and 15th respectively in the WPT Race, want to take a new step and get closer to the very best. Yanguas, standing at 89 meters tall, is a right-wing player with multiple qualities, with decisive shots and exceptional ground coverage. Garrido for his part, 1m84, is a left-handed player with a devastating smash and an inexhaustible rage to win.

They already have a first successful experience together, having won the Albacete Challenger in 2021. Now at a completely different level individually speaking, Javi and “Mike” could spark on the track.

Will we see them together next year? Nothing has been done yet, but the idea seems more than attractive!

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