Juan LeBron and Ale Galan are having a season far from their standards, with only one title won.

The victory in Finland did not produce the expected shock…

Still disappointing last week in Madrid, with a defeat in the eighth against the new pair “100% Gutiérrez”, the Spaniards still show obvious signs of weakness, in particular Juan LeBron who is struggling to regain his pre-injury level.

Today we can say that the title won in Finland did not really cause the expected shock. And to make matters worse, the long-time coach of the 2020 World Champions, Mariano Amat, decided to take a break, and the first competition under the orders of Fernando Poggi was not particularly convincing.

Ale Galan: the Jon Sanz temptation?

For some fans, it's too much, and it's time that those who have dominated the padel world between 2020 and 2023 put an end to their adventure. Many would like to see Galan attempt a long-term association with Jon Sanz. It must be said that the two men had shown great understanding during Lebron's absence, notably with a victory against Coello and Tapia in Valencia.

Jon Sanz and Ale Galan celebrate victory

Some rumors send Juan LeBron alongside another Juan… Tello, whose association with Alex Ruiz does not keep all its promises. For the moment, nothing official, “El Lobo” and “Galantico” having never mentioned the separation. But we imagine that if the results do not come back quickly enough, the two men will no longer really have a choice...

So, in your opinion, should Juan and Ale separate, or persevere?

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