Huge surprise on the Ultimate side Padel Leganés Open Tour with the elimination of seed 2 Las Heras / Iglesias!

Cata Tenorio is eternal! At 49 years old and after officially retiring more than two years ago, the Argentine player beats with Carla Mesa two players who were in the world Top 16 not so long ago. At the end of a big fight and a totally crazy match point, Mesa and Tenorio created a sensation by winning 7/5 7/5 and qualifying for the quarters.

Tomorrow, the Spanish-Argentinian pair will have a real challenge to play against Sandra Bellver and Maria Rodriguez who eliminated Alix Collombon and Julieta Bidahoria (Ts8) a little earlier.

Present in the Madrid suburbs to try to regain confidence, Las Heras and Iglesias are in a very difficult situation. Will they be able to resume in a few days in Mexico?

In the meantime, let's continue the matches in Leganés. With new surprises?

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