The famous brand Varlion has been chosen to be the official racket of the next World Padel Tour From toulouse. Discover the new Maxima Human Padel Open.

And watch out”padeleros”: if this little gem caught your eye, we advise you to hurry because this product is a limited edition. Indeed, only 750 numbered units will be produced and you can already get it on the brand's official website !

While this pala shares its form and many of its technologies with the Maxima Peak as standard, it has a rubber of intermediate hardness, which is between the two foams W (winter) and S (summer) which are normally offered on the Maxima Summum. It is therefore a brand new pala created especially for the event, featuring the brand's latest innovations, and which is obviously located in a high-end segment!

Sebastien Carrasco

Fan of padel and of Spanish origin, the padel runs through my veins. Very happy to share with you my passion through the world reference of padel : Padel Magazine.