Managers of private paddle structures are not always enthusiastic about the development of this practice in tennis clubs affiliated to the FFT. Reason relied on: Unfair competition.

Until then, we talked about separation and competition between the private and the public. When we were talking to professionals, we used the same terms. But they nuanced the words.

First of all, Victor told us about " synergies between public and private. We must stop separating the two systematically "before concluding with" there will be players for everyone, for private structures, for associations ". It surprised us that he sees this arrival of the associative sector on the padel market not necessarily in a negative way, because he has invested a lot in this center - remember that a padel court is worth 25 000 euros if the concrete slab is already present, they have 10 short in all, and to this is added the costs of restoring the building standards, the installation of locker rooms, the club house ...

We then tried to compare with the words of Brice and Jean in the second center. They were unanimous in saying that the associative sector would undoubtedly take market share, and that, as we saw in a previous section, private centers should surely adapt by lowering their rates and thus their management fees " tennis clubs in the South are very, very developed in terms of Padel, and private centers like here are forced to lower their prices, even if it means offering fewer services, there are some who have no one at the reception ". But they are not against this phenomenon because they think that it would tend to structure the practice and install it sustainably in the French sports landscape.

There is another characteristic to take into account as Francis shows so well " There are risks of taking a share of the market, of the customers who were before in the private clubs, but, uh, somewhere, is what the clubs are able to bring all that the private clubs bring » . Indeed, all current private centers offer a relatively high quality of service " there is also the club house, the atmosphere effect that we may not find in clubs »[1].

This hypothesis is therefore totally false, and even the opposite of this idea since the managers of private centers seem for the arrival of the associative sector.

[1] 108 Page: Interview Brice and Jean

Pierre Lemonnier

Pierre studied STAPS, and validated a master's degree in sports management, after studying in Reims, Frankfurt and Lille. I discovered padel in 2014 during my Erasmus year in Frankfurt thanks to a Spanish friend. Damn, how good the padel!