Ale Galan and Juan Lebron have dazzled the world of padel of their talent in 2020, dominating the World Padel Tour with their super fast and spectacular game.

To pay tribute to the pair that marked the 2020 WPT season, today we bring you the 5 most beautiful points of Galan, And 5 most beautiful Lebron points.

Lebron's Top 5

The Top 5 of the current number 2 in the ranking of World Padel Tour offers us shots in a totally different style. Indeed, Lebron is a very physical player, with an incredible hand. This therefore gives us smashes from elsewhere, but also magnificent cushioning, dormilona ... In short, whether the points last or they end in two strokes of the racket, “el lobo” is always to his advantage, an all-round player. land in a few kinds!

Video credit: World Padel Tour

Galan Top 5

The Top 5 of the world number one is also of a very high level. Like his partner, Ale Galan is both a very physical and talented player, capable of both jumping very high and moving very fast, as well as delivering shots from elsewhere with his characteristic skill and fluidity. Not to mention its exceptional blocking capacity. Heavy once again!

Video credit: World Padel Tour

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