Before the Franco Stupaczuk's injury this Friday, the Superpibes had difficulties against Momo Gonzalez and Sanyo Gutiérrez.

However, they had started the match perfectly, leading 3/0. Perfectly but all the same with some disagreements, and a bit of deconcentration. First, Di Nenno criticized his partner for apologizing when he shoots his opponent.

Behind, it was the native of Chaco who resented his teammate for not having been sufficiently supportive when he asked for the referee video for a service he saw as false. And as the two players spent a little too much time talking about their little differences when changing sides, Carlos Pozzoni as a good leader, made them understand that it was time to stop.

A funny image but which shows that if Stupa and Di Nenno are today two of the very best players in the world, they are nonetheless young men, who sometimes require a little reframing from their coach!

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