There’s never a dull moment with Jon Sanz and Coki Nieto! Indeed, the two young players enjoy unique moments on and off the track.

In Barcelona this weekend, for their very first Master Final together, the Spaniards also distinguished themselves. Firstly because they came close to the feat against Lebron and Galan. And then because once again they gave us a fun time. As usual we find Sanz in the role of the excited one, and Nieto in that of the procrastinator.

While he is very far from the net on a counterpaired by Ale Galan, the Navarrese prepares for a smash, but his partner does not feel the winning shot like him. He therefore asks him (insistently) to delay and not attempt the winning smash.

But being the stubborn guy that he is, Jon doesn't listen to his teammate and sends a big shot, which lands directly in the glass...

Those who are used to playing with hot-blooded partners will definitely recognize themselves in this video!

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