Not favorites against Maxi Sanchez and Gonzalo Rubio at Doha, Miguel Lamperti and José Jimenez put up a great battle, losing in two close sets: 7/6 (8) 6/4.

If the Spanish-Argentinian pair can be satisfied with their level of play at the start of the season, they still need to work on some automatisms. The proof with the match point against Rubio / Sanchez.

We are dealing with a particular situation, on a diagonal smash from the left-handed Gonzalo Rubio, Miguel Lamperti decides to leave his camp to get the ball from his partner's side. José quickly understands that Miguel, taller than him and arriving launched and with a forehand, has a better chance of making a good recovery and therefore moves away very quickly. The Bahia Blanca player touches the ball but fails to make a winning shot. The two men replace themselves, the left-handed Jimenez lobs again and we witness… another smash from Rubio diagonally.

But this time the young partner of “Miguelito” anticipates and very quickly sticks to the net, to put the ball back. Problem, Jimenez does not manage to make the winning shot, and Lamperti, in a situation quite similar to the first, crossed again to play the ball with a forehand... Result, he almost takes his partner's racket in the head by a few centimeters, and is not at his post to defend Rubio's throw which ends the match... The 45-year-old player, visibly very annoyed, remains on the ground for a moment, and a question remains: who was to play this ball?

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